1. Fire assembly point is at the main gate. A first aid kit is available in the main house.

2. Kindly note that because we value the safety and privacy of every one at Peter’s Place, the cottages and all facilities are for the comfort and use of our guests only.

3. Checking in time between 13h00 and 19h00 unless otherwise agreed.

4. Checking out time at 10h00 unless otherwise agreed. Remember to leave the keys and gate remote control behind. Should you leave early please drop the keys In the slot provided on the outside of the gate after the gate is shut.

5. A safety deposit box is installed in the cupboard. Kindly ensure that all valuables and documents are secured. Also ensure that you lock the cottage and your vehicle.

6. Do wait for the electric gate to close before leaving the premises or retiring to your cottage.

7. We can do your laundry at P50 per bundle. Alternatively there are dry cleaners in Game City.

8. Have you forgotten something? We may be able to assist

9. Do inform us if there is anything amiss in the unit.

Do help us to conserve water and electricity